About Us

Let's just say we are a little old fashioned. We believe in arranged marriages, age old traditions, family values and cliches. We believe God created us in pairs, and your soul mate is out there. It takes patience, intuition and research to find a person who compliments your personality and respects your family. We would love to help you and will be honoured if you choose us to be your match maker.

The Matrimonial Pundits is an exclusive matchmaking agency with a highly respected network of the most eligible prospects in India, UK and USA. We cater to Marwaris, Gujratis, Jains, Agarwals, Maheshwaris, Digambers, Shwetambers, Khendalwals and Bisa Oswals. Our clients usually pertain to affluent business families, are accomplished professionals in reputed companies, HNIs and NRIs. Our motto is to work with successful individuals and distinguished families only. We are friendly and approachable but if we think we are not the right company for you, we will tell you. We feel it's best to be honest and upfront from the beginning and will not commit to anyone till our confidence level is 100 percent.

We can proudly say that our client advisors are carefully selected, extensively trained and are best in the industry. Our advisors will talk to you at length, understand your requirements, family values and assist you accordingly. They will go through numerous profiles and handpick the best suited proposals for you. We genuinely want to make our clients happy and have your best interest at heart always.

Privacy is the foundation of our service. We fully respect the fact that some clients prefer to keep their use of a matchmaking firm discreet and confidential. We guarantee that your personal information will never be shared outside the scope of the search. Please be assured that your information is 100% offline and confidential. Only Matrimonial Pundits advisors have access to your information and your consent is needed before sharing contact details with a potential match.