Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. When will I receive the potential match proposals ?

    The first set of suitable match proposals will be shared within ten days of obtaining membership. Thereafter, we will continue to cross – profile and handpick potential matches on a weekly basis. As and when the requirements of any two members match, the details will be exchanged immediately.We will target to share three proposals per week.

    We believe that quality is more important that quantity when it comes to finding your perfect match. Every search that we undertake is unique in terms of preferences and desideratum. We are constantly working to help you find someone who compliments your personality and respects your family. Matrimonial Pundits takes the time to understand you before taking you on as a client. We want to ensure that we comprehend your requirements and expectations; this helps us to assess our database and scout networks. We search for proposals not only from our database and private networks, but also through public relations efforts, customised advertising and direct marketing. We would never take you on as a client if we are not 100% confident of delivering results.

  • 2. Which communities do you cater to?

    Majority of our clients are Marwaris, Gujratis, Jains, Agarwals, Shekhawatis, Maheshwaris, Jaiswals, Digambers, Shwetambers, Khendalwals and Bisa Oswals. They usually pertain to affluent business families, are accomplished professionals in coveted positions in reputed companies, NRIs and HNIs. We have a highly respected network of the most eligible prospects in India, UK and USA.

  • 3. Do you have post marriage charges?

    We do not have any post marriage charges. The membership options and charges are specified clearly on this website and there are absolutely no hidden costs. After you join us as a client, we will do everything to help you find your match and when we succeed, a testimonial from you will be much appreciated.

  • 4. How will you search for potential matches?

    We have a strong database of clients and it is our primary source of information. However, we do not limit our search to registered members only, because your match could be anywhere. A number of methods are adopted to reach out to potential matches and their families. We do this through our research and scouting team, private networks, public relation efforts, social media, customised advertising and direct marketing.

  • 5. How do you verify the authenticity of the facts provided by members?

    We are extremely selective about who we take on as a client and take maximum care to ensure that the facts provided by members are genuine. In order to successfully process any application we request for a photograph, copy of the birth certificate and an identity proof. Additionally, members residing outside India are required to submit a copy of visa or a proof of nationality. Multiple questions are asked in the application form like the residence address, information about parents and siblings, educational and professional details which can be used to cross check information at a later stage. Our advisors are in constant touch with members and will notify the slightest discrepancy to the company. Matrimonial Pundits has a zero tolerance policy for anyone who has knowingly furbished wrong information.

  • 6. Can we make monthly payments or after the marriage has been fixed?

    We have a on e– time payment policy only. You are required to pay the full amount in order to become a client. We believe that investing in our services validates the intentions of a person and affirms that they are serious about marriage. This helps us attract only genuine and serious clients.

    We would like to assure you, that the core principle of Matrimonial Pundits is to keep our clients happy and assist them in every way possible. Please trust that we have your best interest at heart.

  • 7. Can the proposals and photographs be seen before getting registered?

    We do not share details of our clients with unregistered members. There are no online lists and nobody can search our database. Even when you sign up as a client, you will only be introduced to the members we propose as potential matches. This level of discretion is important for many families who want utmost privacy. Proposals and photographs can be seen only after taking the membership. We believe that just viewing a proposal or photograph does not ensure a good match. Harmony and compatibility should exist between the partners as well as families.

  • 8. Will you share the contact information of all the proposals?

    We share multiple proposals with our clients on a weekly basis however, we do not reveal the contact information. This aspect of our service is extremely important to many of our clients. When a member decides to pursue a proposal, we speak to the other family on their behalf. If it is mutually conducive we make introductions and contact information is exchanged.

  • 9. How many times in a week will my advisor call me?

    You dedicated advisor will call you once a week and share new proposals with you. However, you can call or mail your advisor anytime during office hours.

  • 10. How is Matrimonial Pundits Different From Its Competitors?

    We believe there are several factors that differentiates us:

    • Superior client service – Our advisors are carefully selected and extensively trained to handle client relations with compassion and patience. We understand that marriage is the single most important event in your life and you are bound to be selective while making a decision. That said, we assure you that our advisors will help you in every way possible and never let you down.
    • Global Clientele – We have a highly respected network of the most eligible prospects across India, UK and USA. Our motto is not to have thousands of profiles in our database, instead we prefer to work with successful individuals and distinguished families.
    • Result Oriented – We want you to find your life partner at the earliest. Hence, our every action is aimed towards achieving this goal. Your journey becomes our journey and needless to say we want a happy ending too!
    • Being selective – We are friendly and approachable and we will be honoured if you consider joining us. But if we think we are not the right company for you, we will tell you. We feel it’s best to be honest and upfront from the beginning and will not commit to anyone till our confidence level is 100%

  • 11. How Will You Protect My Privacy?

    Privacy is the foundation of our service. We guarantee that your personal information will never be shared outside the scope of the search. Please be assured that your information is 100% offline and confidential. Only Matrimonial Pundits advisors have access to your information and your consent is needed before sharing contact information with a potential match. We fully respect the fact that some clients prefer to keep their use of a matchmaking firm discreet and confidential. Additionally, our advisors and employees have to sign a 'Non Disclosure Agreement' and undergo thorough background checks before they can access out database. We follow a strict policy of protecting personal information at all levels.

  • 12. How Do I Join Matrimonial Pundits?

    Kindly share your details in the "Request a Consultation" form. You can see the tab on our home page, click on it and follow the steps. We will call you within 24 hours. Additionally, you can call us on our toll free number +91–833–500–0222 (India), +44–745–546–5566 (UK) or email us at At the initial screening process, we will ask for basic information pertaining to you and your family and address any questions or concerns that you may have. Thereafter, we will request you to view our membership plans and sign up as a client. As a new member, you will be paired up with an experienced advisor. He/She will schedule another session as per your convenience, speak to you at length about your expectations and requirements, understand you and your family background and then process your application.

  • 13. Can I Update My Profile After I Register?

    Yes, we encourage you to update your profile at all times. Please feel free to login and refurbish a change of residence, profession or hobbies. Additionally, we request you to inform your advisor of the same.

  • 14. Why Do I Need The Matrimonial Pundits?

    In the earlier days, families seeking alliance would rely on friends and acquaintances to suggest suitable matches. However, we have observed a major shift in this trend. In the age of modernisation, friends and relatives are skeptical in undertaking such responsibility. This is where The Matrimonial Pundits can help you. Our advisors have access to potential matches across countries and with detailed background checks in place, you have nothing to worry about. Our network helps us to deliver best results and help you get quicker response from prospects. You don't have to painstakingly search thousands of profiles on multiple platforms or contact different agencies. Also, we guide you through initial rounds of introduction and eliminate any sort of tension or awkwardness. Our advisors go out of their way to assist clients and cater to every request to the best of their abilities.