1 Establishing Benchmarks

During this phase, your designated matchmaker will speak to you at length and understand your requirements, family values and expectations. After assessing the information, we will establish client-approved benchmarks. They will outline your preferences and deal breakers. The purpose of this exercise is to validate our search and ascertain proposals based on your specifications.

2 Profile Creation

Your matchmaker will help you create a detailed profile that will highlight your strengths along with important factual details. If you have a pre-designed bio-data, the match maker will asses it and suggest changes if required. This is an important step because your profile and recent pictures will be shared with potential matches.

3 Screening

Phase 1: In this phase, your matchmaker will filter profiles based on the primary attributes like age, height, religion and country of residence. As per our experience, these are the absolute non-negotiables for most clients.

Phase 2: In this phase, your matchmaker will assess the filtered profiles in detail. Factors like educational and family background, attractiveness, compatibility with the client, hobbies, interest etc will be evaluated and compared against your benchmarks.

4 Presentation

Your matchmaker will present to you shortlisted profiles along with recent pictures. With this intelligence you can make an informed decision whether to pursue the match or continue the search. Our process is customised for each client, and will include necessary inquiries to validate important information relevant to your search.

5 Introduction

Your matchmaker will connect with the prospect you are interested in and make introductions. If you require information about nearby restaurants, coffee shops or meeting places, we will do our best to assist you.

6 Feedback

After the meeting, your matchmaker will speak to you and the prospect independently, take feedback and progress accordingly.